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Cetanu's Advanced Fred2 Lessons - part 2 (with images)

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Written by Cetanu

Today only one short exercise to train the mind of young Fredders...

In The Die Is Cast (cet_m06) I wanted one friendly Elysium (SOC BP2) to capture 1 of 3 fleeing Argo transports (Kappa 1-3). After disabling and scanning Command decides which one is to be captured. Sounds simple enough? Well, to execute it properly it takes some events to do it right.

First of all the Kappas arrive and go to their waypoints to jump out of the system - one event to validate the capture goal (Kappa), one event for disabling and one for scanning - both of the later check if one of the Argo transports gets destroyed or jumped out before Command could decide which one is the capture target.

Once this is done Command decides which one - the value gets stored in the variable Kappa.

Let's assume it is Kappa 1 - the following events need to be done repeatedly for Kappa 2 and 3 as well. The chained "Capture Kappa ..." events have a check on "RTB bad 2" - an event that gets true if the Kappa goal failed.

Two chained events deal with the SOC BP 2 - the first is a protect directive for the players that also has orders for that Elysium once it docked with an Argo.

The event "SOC BP 2 bye" makes sure the Elysium leaves the area if it can't capture the designated Kappa transport.

One Kappa captured the other 2 should be destroyed (with directives of course). 6 events to make sure the right one is on the kill list.

And finally the simple Kappa goal:

Hope to see a docking manoeuvre soon that goes up and beyond that in complexity...

Resource Found at: Hard Light Productions
Written by: Cetanu

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