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Vasudan Translator Guide

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Written by Cetanu

For anyone interested in Vasudan voicefile recording I post a detail description how I did it for the Touch of Fate briefing!


Recording - don't know the details, but I assume that Cool Edit was used for the original recording. I got the "human" voicefiles with 22.025 Hz ready for editing.


Used Programs - Goldwave (PC), Sound Effects (Mac)

After a lot of different trials and settings I've chosen this one:


*[Effects - Volume - Change... (variable %)] to adjust different recordings to almost same level, example: 200% for ToF Briefing

*[Effects - Resample - Rate 11025 Hz] if not already

*[Effects - Noise reduction - Preset "Reduce hum"] when raising the Rate from lower then 11025 Hz

Effects - Echo... - Delay 0.100 and 40% Volume incl. Reverb

and once more:
Effects - Echo... - Delay 0.100 and 40% Volume incl. Reverb

Effects - Pitch... - Scale 1.200 with preserve length FFT size 8 overlap 75%

Effects - Mechanize... - Quality 60 (if you want the sound less like a larynx mic reduce the Quality here)

Effects - Filter - Equalizer... - with the settings 0 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 5 / -5

Effects - Dynamics... - Preset "Soft clip"


*[not necessary if the sound is already at the right quality or volume scale]


Now I converted the sound to the AIFF format for the Mac prog Sound Effects, mainly because I didn't like the way how Goldwave allows the mixing of 2 tracks to 1. I couldn't find an elegant way to edit both tracks same time same window or fintuning this process. Only option in Goldwave would have been to make it a stereo sound with the 2 different tracks, to actually see all soundparts of both at a specific time. But it would have sounded strange from the speakers - not like 2 monotracks same time. If you use any other progs be sure it allows similar things like that described below.


Sound Effects:
2 tracks: 1 for the above translator voice, the other for the Vasudan voice pieces. I copied them together from the original provided with FS and such of untranslated Vasudan talk you can find in the voicefiles for [V]s original FS2 solomissions (tiny pieces here and there).

Translator track:
Filter - Normalize (almost an Amplify effect or like Volume in Goldwave, it raises to low volumeparts and lowers to high)

Vasudan talk track:
Filter - Amplify 50% - where the sound overlaps with the translator track (reducing the volume to 50% when the translator is talking, or you won't understand anything)

Filter - Quickmix (mixing the 2 tracks to 1 mono track with a bit of volume reduction too)


Converted the sound back to PC waves.


Done... until I raised the overall volume in Goldwave and some special lower parts today again.

HF editing own Vasudan Translator voices.

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