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FREESPACE Universe Timeline

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Written by Su-Tehp

These are the primary events in the Freespace Universe from Freespace 1 (Descent/Conflict: Freespace), Silent Threat, and Freespace 2.

I've gotten all this information from re-examining mission briefings, cut scenes and the technical database from all of the above games. This timeline is about as accurate as anyone can make it. If you have any questions about certain events, feel free to reply to this post.

For FRED purposes, I am also adding in Fighter/Bomber and Weapon development and deployment, where known. Dates with question marks are my own estimates which cannot yet be confirmed, so they should not be taken as gospel. But they are there for your benefit, should you need them. I've checked and double-checked everything, so I am certain that these events are in the proper order, even if some dates are estimates.

For those of you who are not calendar scholars, BCE stands for Before Common Era, which is equivalent to BC (Before Christ). CE stands for Common Era, which is essentially AD (Anno Domini), or after the (estimated) birth of Christ.

  • Circa 6000 BCE The Shivans destroy the Ancients' Empire

  • 2321 CE Start of Terran-Vasudan War

  • 2335 (Freespace 1)

  • (January 2335) Start of First Great War/First Encounter with Shivans at Ross 128

  • End of Terran-Vasudan War

  • Formation of Hammer of Light

  • Devastation of Vasuda Prime

  • A team of Vasudan scientists are forced to land on Altair and subsequently discover information from the ruins of the Ancients, enabling the Terrans and Vasudans to destroy the SD Lucifer

  • Destruction of SD Lucifer

  • Contact with Sol lost

  • (Silent Threat)

  • GTI Insurrection a.k.a. Hades Rebellion. A rogue branch of Galactic Terran Intelligence (GTI) begins conducting experiments on captured Shivan specimens and Shivan technology. Using this information, the GTI secretly constructs the Hades destroyer in order to overthrow the GTA. Several GTI pilots aware of the GTI's imminent coup attempt defect to the GTA and help destroy the GTI's Hades destroyer, defeating the GTI's bid for power. Among these pilots is one Lt. Aken Bosch.

  • The GTA classifies information concerning the Hades Rebellion in the interests of "national security." The coup attempt itself is recorded by history, but all documents pertaining to the Shivan experiments and the Hades specifications are classified such that only the top GTA military officers and the Security Council can access them. Years later, after it is formally established, the GTVA takes control of these documents and keeps them classified. Sometime after that, in preparation of the NTF Rebellion, Admiral Aken Bosch obtains the classified documents for his own use in developing ETAK.

  • (December? 2335) End of First Great War. Post-war Reconstruction begins.

  • With Vasuda Prime made uninhabitable by the SD Lucifer, the Vasudans move
    their capital to Aldebaran.

  • Terran and Vasudan scientists begin discovering and studying other sites of Ancient ruins on Altair, Aldebaran and Deneb

  • 2336 Collapse of GTA into several semi-autonomous blocs including the Adhara Coalition, the Antares Federation, the Regulus Syndicate and the Luyten New Alliance, among others

  • 2339 Dissolution of Vasudan Parliament by Khonsu II, ending a long period of Vasudan political strife. Formation of Vasudan Imperium/Ascension of Khonsu II to the Vasudan throne.

  • 2345 Formation of Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA). The individual Terran blocs retain their autonomy but a framework of mutual trade and defense with the Vasudan Imperium is established.

  • 2347 Start of Colossus Construction

  • 2358 Signing of Beta Aquilae Convention (BETAC). BETAC formally dissolves the Terran blocs and the GTVA is recognized as the supreme authority in Terran-Vasudan space.

  • 2365(?) Initial Deployment of Myrmidon fighter

  • Initial Deployment of Hercules II fighter

  • 2366 (January?) Start of NTF Rebellion. Admiral Aken Bosch, commander of the GTVA 6th Fleet, based at Epsilon Pegasi, stages a violent military coup in the Polaris system, thereby creating the Neo-Terran Front. Within weeks, Regulus and Sirius also fall to the NTF.

  • After taking full control of Polaris, Regulus and Sirius, the NTF also takes partial control of Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Pegasi and Deneb, making these systems heavily contested (essentially, these three systems are the
    front lines of the war.)

  • After the NTF takes partial control of Deneb, Bosch begins construction of the NTF Iceni inside a large asteroid in the Deneb asteroid belt. From this base, Bosch begins studying the Ancient archeological digs at Deneb and begins constructing the ETAK prototype using Ancient technology and the information contained in the classified Hades Rebellion documents.

  • Initial Deployment of Boanerges bomber by GTVA

  • 2367 (July?) GTC Trinity, a Fenris-class cruiser commanded by Capt. Roemig, defects to the NTF

  • Discovery of Knossos Portal by Bosch while investigating the Ancient archeological digs at Deneb

  • Bosch orders the NTC Trinity to activate and enter the Knossos portal

  • Activation of Knossos Portal by NTC Trinity. The NTC Trinity then enters the nebula.

  • (Freespace 2) I'm estimating that the events of FS2 occurred within a timeframe of less than a month. This is because at the start of FS2, the briefings say that the NTF-GTVA War has lasted for 18 months. At the end of FS2, Admiral Petrarch is still saying that "18 months of carnage and terror will come to an end." If the single-player campaign lasted longer than a month, Petrarch would have said 19 (or more) months instead.

  • Launching of NTF Iceni from the Deneb asteroid base (FYI, this is the second single campaign mission titled "The Place of Chariots".)

  • Completion of Colossus Construction

  • Start of Second Great War/Destruction of GTC Vigilant at Gamma Draconis node in the Capella system. This is the first appearance of the Shivans since the end of the First Great War 32 years prior.

  • After securing the Knossos Device, a GTVA taskforce, led by GTD Aquitaine, enters the nebula

  • GTVA discovers the NTC Trinity stranded in the nebula. NTC Trinity is then destroyed by the Shivans. (The NTC Trinity had defected to the NTF only 10 days prior.)

  • SD Ravana destroys the GTCv Lysander

  • SD Ravana destroyed by GTVA bombers

  • NTF rallies and makes an aggressive attack on Epsilon Pegasi, forcing the GTVA to suspend operations in the nebula. At the same time, a two-pronged GTVA offensive launched from Deneb and Alpha Centauri stalls in Sirius, allowing the NTF to maintain its grip on Sirius

  • Initial Deployment of Perseus fighter and GTVA Colossus by GTVA at Epsilon Pegasi (Battle of Enif Station)

  • Defeat of NTF Admiral Koth and the destruction of the NTD Repulse results with the GTVA regaining full control of Epsilon Pegasi ("The beginning of the end for the NTF.")

  • With Epsilon Pegasi secured, the GTVA sends the GTD Aquitaine and its taskforce back to the nebula

  • Initial Deployment of Pegasus stealth fighter and the TAG missiles by GTVA in the nebula

  • Initial Deployment of Erinyes heavy assault fighter by GTVA (SOC mission to hijack the NTT Sunder). This is an SOC mission, so the Erinyes' existence is not yet made public (e.g. Erinyes is only used by special elite units at this time).

  • Initial Deployment of Artemis bomber by GTVA; Initial deployment of the Prometheus S (the S Type couldn't be used before this time because the GTVA had to collect gas from the nebula to power these guns).

  • End of NTF Rebellion. After the GTVA regains control of Sirius, Deneb and Alpha Centauri, Admiral Bosch orders the remnants of the NTF fleet to Gamma Draconis to make contact with the Shivans in the nebula. As the NTF fleet flees to Gamma Draconis, the GTVA destroy many of the NTF ships. Only three NTF ships make it into the nebula: the NTF Iceni, the NTC Alexandria (an Aeolus-class cruiser) and the NTT Grall (an Argo transport which was docked to the Alexandria). The Alexandria is destroyed by the Shivans, but the Grall, which is carrying Lt. Commander Snipes and about a dozen NTF survivors, detaches from the Alexandria and begins hiding in a volatile sector of the nebula.

  • Appearance of the 1st SJ Sathanas

  • GTVA retreats from the nebula for the 2nd time.

  • Destruction of Knossos Portal by GTVA's use of Meson bombs. However, the jump node to the nebula has already stabilized, allowing the SJ Sathanas to jump into Gamma Draconis.

  • Destruction of the 1st SJ Sathanas by GTVA Colossus at Capella

  • Defection/Capture of Admiral Bosch by the Shivans

  • Self-destruction of NTF Iceni. The captured survivors of the Iceni crew reveal the details of Bosch's ETAK project, which is a device using quantum pulses in order to communicate with the Shivans. The prototype on board the Iceni is destroyed, but the NTF survivors reveal enough information about ETAK that the GTVA discovers Bosch's secret agenda of making an alliance with the Shivans. The NTF Iceni prisoners provide the blueprints of ETAK to the GTVA, allowing the GTVA the ability to construct another ETAK prototype.  It is unknown whether the GTVA has begun construction of another ETAK prototype.

  • Discovery of the 2nd Knossos Portal/Destruction of the GVD Psamtik by 2nd SJ Sathanas

  • The GTVA begins its 3rd and final retreat from the nebula.

  • SOC mission to rescue Lt. Commander Snipes and the dozen NTF survivors aboard the NTT Grall in the nebula.

  • Aside from Snipes' SOC team, the GTVA completes its final retreat from the nebula

  • SOC mission to 2nd Knossos Portal. Lt. Cmdr. Snipes and three other SOC pilots emerge in an unknown binary star system. They discover the 3rd Knossos Portal and several Shivan Juggernauts converging on Terran-Vasudan space.

  • Initial Deployment of Ares-class strategic assault fighter by GTVA; 1st "public" deployment of the Erinyes assault fighter by GTVA.

  • Over 90 Sathanas Juggernauts encircle the Capella star and begin emitting a series of subspace pulses at the star

  • Destruction of Colossus

  • Destruction of Capella star/End of Second Great War

  • 2379 Start of Without Remorse campaign. (Hey, I had to put a shameless plug
    of Guardian's campaign in here SOMEWHERE!) LOL :)

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