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Written by Cetanu

As some of you already know, accomplishing mission objectives does NOT award points on PXO; you can only get scores for ship kills. In light of this, we at FRED Zone have made a list of altered scores that some cap ships should have to allow greater scores. Who wants to play Rebel Intercept all day just to get promoted?

When you design a mission, make sure to change the scores to the following values for the following ships:

Points for Shivan capital ships:

150 - SC Cain
210 - SC Lilith
300 - SC Rakshasa
700 - SCv Moloch
1300 - SD Ravana
1500 - SD Demon
2000- SD Lucifer (if it ever is destroyable in a mission)
3000 - SJ Sathanas (if it ever is destroyable in a mission)

All other ships that are not mentioned here should keep their original score.